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Be the change you want to see – preserving field trialling for the next generation.

Making a start, support us with a proposal to present to the Kennel Club UK


The Spaniel Championships in the UK are the pinnacle of our sport, to that end we hope to conduct a meaningful discussion with the Kennel Club to:

  • Create a set of standards that can be adopted and met in each year
  • Ensure openness, honesty and transparency in the championships that sets the standard and a precedent for clubs up and down the country.

We have gathered evidence and also the basis to a proposal that we will present to the Kennel Club. The following form is NOT a mechanism to change or seek change to the proposal – completion of the form will register support only. Comments can accompany your pledge.

We will NOT publish a list of supporters, but accept a right to privacy. We will share names and surnames of supporters with The Kennel Club 10 Clarges St, Piccadily, London W1J 8AB,  but will NOT share contact information in line with data protection. In addition this website is covered by an SSL certificate the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remain private.

Every pledge of support will be verified by email to ensure authenticity. 

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The proposal will download in PDF format so you will need a PDF viewer. If you are unable to do this please email and we will gladly send you a version by email.
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